We'll be back

We're working on Speculoos come back.

Chances are that we change our subscription rules and switch to an web of trust model, with sponsorship from existing members required for newcomers.

We love this place and we love the creations that were made here. So we definitively want to keep it, and we want it to be a safe place.

Stay tuned, we wil keep you informed.

Server down

We had to shut the servers down for the moment, until we get some time to check if our security is ok and if there is something to fix or not.

Our current planning does not allow us to manage that.

There is no scheddulle to bring the grid back online. If members wants to get archive of their region in the meantime, feel free to contact us, but we can't promise an immediate reaction.

Speculoos currently runs only as a courtesy, by respect for some old members who made some great buildings here. We have better things to do than handle the fantasies of silly griefers.

Dummy little monkey wants to carry attention

Thanks to all for warning us of the return of the griefer, who used our grid this time as a start of his playground.

It looks like the toddler was crying alone in his bedroom because nobody talked about him anymore, so he came back.

We banned him of course. We apologize (though we shouldn't, it's out of our control) for any damage this stupid guy may have made in your grids.