Cymru Falch, an awesome Welsh-style village

This is an awesome place, made after typical villages of Wales (United Kingdom). Don't be surprised by bilingual signs: the creator, Susannah Avonside, is fairly attached to the Welsh culture. You can visit the castle, the haven, the shopping center, the local TV station or simply walk around on little pathways all around, between trees, flowers, squirrels and birds, enjoying little suprises everywhere.

Linda Kellie Freebie Mall in Speculoos grid

Linda provided the updated version of her store, so we updated our copy. More stuff in the main store, and some more funny things around!

Linda Kellie is a great creator in OpenSim community. Her content is present in every grid, maybe in every house. A little bit like Ikea in RL ;-). But she likes to share, which is great also. We wanted to provide her content to our grid residents as wel as HG visitors. Have a look there and look for clothers, avatars, costumes, furnitures, animations, houses... You name it.

Grand Place

As welcome area, we chose to reproduce Brussels' Grand Place. Not only is this place lovely. It is also a symbol for us, as a beautiful spot to meet people coming from everywhere. Of course, the combination of Gothic, Baroque and Louis XIV styles doesn't make things easy, and we could make some time to achieve this work. However, you can already have a sneak preview.