In its latest monthly collection of figures, Hypergrid Business, the only site relaying the latest activities of OpenSimulator and the metaverse it represents, sneaks in the middle of a series of statistics an “official” statement from Caprica grid about the current situation in Ukraine. Without comment, without quotation marks and without counterpoint: “the grid fully supports the action to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine”.

The opinion of the managers of the Caprica grid is legitimate: it is their opinion, it is legitimate to give it, and I am happy that they are taking advantage of the forum offered to them to express it. But the current situation is a divisive issue, it’s not even close to unanimous, and last time I checked, Hypergrid Business was not a political media. It is not normal to quote such a strong opinion without analysis, as if it were a foregone conclusion. The choice is either not talking about it, either taking the subject seriously, not as a statistician, but as a journalist.

The war in Ukraine affects us all, personally, but also in our virtual approach. We have been trying for years to build a virtual world where borders are abstract, obsolete notions. The ongoing war, with its embargoes, censorship and sanctions, is jeopardizing what we are trying to build: a space for communication and exchange open to all.

It is indeed important to know that each member of our large and diverse community continues to benefit from this safe and open environment. But if the question is raised, it should be answered seriously, not just randomly repeat the first opinion received.

And what an opinion! The “denazification” of Ukraine is a highly politicized notion (that’s an understatement, some would prefer to say it’s just propaganda). How can these words be repeated, without analysis, without moderation, in a supposedly factual article?

We live in a world of misinformation, we have to constantly question everything we hear and read, because even the most honest journalists are affected by their own bias and opinions. Could we avoid adding a layer to the mess by relaying, without taking the time to think about it, in the middle of a simple counting exercise, political positions on a subject that has already caused thousands of deaths?