In a nutshell

2. Create an avatar

3. Set up the viewer


1. Registration

Registration is free and straight-forward. Go to My Account page.

2. Avatar

To create your avatar, go to My Account page and choose Avatar tab.

  • You must choose a first name and a name for your avatar. This is the name that will appear to other users in-world. This doesn’t have to be your real name, but as soon as the avatar is created, the name can no longer be changed.
  • Choose your initial look. You will be able to modify and customize it as you see fit once in the virtual world.


If you already have an avatar on another grid (such as OSgrid, FrancoGrid, GermanGrid, etc.), you can visit ours by entering the following address in the “map”:

or by clicking one of these links:

3. Viewer

The “viewer” is the equivalent of your web browser for 3D worlds. You can use any viewer compatible with OpenSim to access Speculoos. We recommend Firestorm:

Be sure to download the “Opensim Only” version (not “SL Only” one).

First add Speculoos to your viewer:

  • Go to the “Viewer” menu -> “Preferences” (or type Ctrl-P)
    > “Grid Manager” tab
    > “Add New Grid” section
  • Click “Apply” and then “OK”

When Speculoos is added, you can log in:

  • Make sure the grid selected in the “Grid” menu is Speculoos
  • Enter your avatar’s first name and name in the “Username” box and your password in the “Password” box
  • Click “Log In”.

Alternative viewers

(it’s been quite a moment I haven’t tested them, no guarantee of results):

To view Second Life, follow the lab instructions here. Second Life no longer allows OpenSimulator viewers to connect to its grid, you now have to install separate viewers if you use both.