In-world message forwarded to mail

We have set up mail forwarding of offline messages sent to users of Speculoos grid. Check your mail address in the web profile page (“Edit” tab); Check the option “Send IM to mail” in your viewer preferences (could be in “Chat” or in “Communication” tab). The option is enabled by default. Voilà! The messages you…

Draft proposal for a blacklist service – Appeal for a meeting

In the whole internet OpenSim is not exempt to hackers and griefers. As a young technology, it’s even more exposed.

We have some tools included in the server and the viewer to protect our grids against them. However, to achieve an efficient protection, it would be good to have a centralized service, like the ones existing for smap control, for example.

We feel there is a need to combine our efforts, between grid owners, as wel as server and viewer developers, to set up an efficient solution, which could be easily adopted by standalone or grid maintainer.

State of the Union in OpenSim (RT @MariaKorolov)

Speculoos is now in the ten most active grids. Wow. But that’s not the main concern of Maria Korolov’s article. Here is some kind of “state of the union”, an interesting analysis, not only of the number of grids evolution. It also covers some thoughts about search engines and closed grids challenges.

Dummy griefer hits again

I stopped by the great FleepGrid today, and found giant balls from this dummy ass* Jack Marioline. It’s been years this guy seems having nothing better to do than griefing and trying to ruin others work. The guy tried also to register to our grid recently, but was dropped immediately. I guess he’s trying everywhere he can.