Opensim debian installation framework

This is an framework to facilitate installation and use of OpenSim with Debian.

Flexible helper scripts for a better integration in hypergrid environment.

An addition to NSL helpers scripts collection to allow better integration in hypergrid environment.

For now, it allows
- integration of two currency modules, DTL/NSL and Gloebit. The structure should allow to add more.
- per domain configuration

The next step (working on it these days):
- intelligent detection of the currently visited grid, to adapt helpers as much as possible to the foreign grid

Gloebit enabled, modular, HG optimized helper scripts

Modular currency helper scripts compatible with Gloebit and DTL/NSL MoneyServer

Let's take the .world

Our domain name is now Speculoos users should refresh grid URLs in viewer settings (grid manager) to have the best in-world experience.


After long holidays Speculoos is back. For now, it is a light version of us. Our welcome area, Grand Place now hosts the small freebie market and some gadgets to enjoy meeting. Cymru Fach, the awesome welsh region made by Susannah Avonside, is also waiting for your visit.

New member registration is not open until further notice, but as before, every other grid's members are welcome.

More to come soon or later.

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