Gudz Teleport Board 2

A new, completely rewritten Teleport Board, with a cleaner code and new features. Can use a web-served destinations list, so it can be updated easily on multiple boards.

See it in action on Speculoos Grid.

Get the latest version on Github:


  • Single or Multi-columns teleport buttons
  • Destinations are checked at start and every hour to avoid TP to inactive regions
  • Local destinations can be written as HG links and are automatically converted to local links for teleport, so the same board works inside and outside your grid
  • Destination source can be set from a notecard or from a web server
  • Immediate TP or map (change USE_MAP in config)
  • Different colors for current region (green) or offline regions (red), customizable
  • Optional background texture
  • Can be formatted with titles (text without url), spacer (|) and column jump (-)
  • Configuration in a separate notecard to allow easy upgrades


The destination list can be set by 3 ways

  • from an external website: put the URL in prim description
  • from a specific notecard: put "card://CardName" in the description
  • fallback if none of the two first method: read the first notecard found.

In previous versions, the destination list used 5 values. We accept this old format for backward compatibility but we recommend the simplified format: Displayed Name|your.grid:port or Displayed Name|your.grid:port:Region Name or Displayed Name|your.grid:port:Region Name|x,y,z

Empty lines are ignored Lines commented with "//" are sent as message to the owner during initializaton Lines containing only a string (and no url) are drawn as simple text Lines containing only a separator ("|") are drawn as an empty line (spacer) Lines beginning wish "#" are ignored

Although commenting lines is useful to disable them temporarily (#) or display help messages (//), it slows down the initialization, so it is better to avoid it as much as possible.

Required OSSL Functions:

  • osGetGridGatekeeperURI
  • osGetNotecard
  • osTeleportAgent
  • osSetDynamicTextureDataBlendFace and related (osDrawFilledRectangle, osDrawRectangle, osDrawText, osGetDrawStringSize, osMovePen, osSetFontName, osSetFontSize, osSetPenColor, osSetPenSize)


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