After long holidays Speculoos is back. For now, it is a light version of us. Our welcome area, Grand Place now hosts the small freebie market and some gadgets to enjoy meeting. Cymru Fach, the awesome welsh region made by Susannah Avonside, is also waiting for your visit. New member registration is not open until…


Speculoos closed on October 27 2015

  After 5 years of virtual presence, Speculoos grid will shut down, and so will website and domain We will keep a basic web presence on For any request (except to keep the grid on): see the contact page > Continue to the legacy website


Speculoos is back… for now

Finally the tables are starting to turn… Though it’s not supposed to be a revolution. We’ve put the site and the grid back to live. Though some features are still disabled. New account creation is not possible for now. We are still thinking about the best way to enable it while preserving a safe and…


We’ll be back

We’re working on Speculoos come back. Chances are that we change our subscription rules and switch to an web of trust model, with sponsorship from existing members required for newcomers. We love this place and we love the creations that were made here. So we definitively want to keep it, and we want it to…


Server down

We had to shut the servers down for the moment, until we get some time to check if our security is ok and if there is something to fix or not. Our current planning does not allow us to manage that. There is no scheddulle to bring the grid back online. If members wants to…


Clean up

We made some cleaning and removed a couple of unused region. We mean really unused, empty, and unreserved regions. All users parcels remain preserved.