Dummy griefer hits again

I stopped by the great FleepGrid today, and found giant balls from this dummy ass* Jack Marioline. It’s been years this guy seems having nothing better to do than griefing and trying to ruin others work. The guy tried also to register to our grid recently, but was dropped immediately. I guess he’s trying everywhere he can.

Enregistrement via Facebook, twitter, google, yahoo (…)

Vous pouvez à présent vous enregistrer sur le site et sur la grille en utilisant l’un de vos comptes Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo et plusieurs autres “identity providers”: procédure d’enregistrement accélérée: nous récupérons les informations nécessaires, plus besoin de les retaper pas de vérification de votre e-mail si votre adresse nous a été transmise connection…

Why we (also) use dedicated servers

Snoopy Pfeffer gives an excellent explanation on why one should not use virtual servers or cloud to host OpenSim. We thought about it before setting up our gird, and came exactly to the same conclusion. She just gives a really good explanation on this. http://www.dreamlandmetaverse.com/forum/why-we-use-dedicated-servers

Back to life

We had a DNS issue. We fixed it, but it could take some time to propagate. If you still can’t connect, restarting your computer or flushing DNS cache may help. Otherwise, the DNS update should not take longer than one hour.

Mise à jour 0.7.3 et nouveau serveur

Après quelques jours de test de la nouvelle version, nous avons décidé de lancer la mise à jour de toutes les sims. Nous en profitons pour faire une migration vers un nouveau serveur plus puissant.

Le processus de mis à jour a été préparé de manière à ne prendre que quelques minutes pour chaque sim.

Opensim 0.7.3 upgrade in progress

We are currently in the process of upgrading the servers to OpenSimulator 0.7.3 release. Currently, one of our server has been migrated, and we are checking if everything is going fine before making a rolling upgrade of all regions. We are quite excited by new features and optimizations included in this release and we are confident…