You can now signup using one of your existing accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and lot of other identity providers:

  • quicker registration process: we fetch info from them so you don’t have to retype it
  • no e-mail verification needed if we they transmitted it to use
  • automatic login on our website when you’re connected on your social network


  • we just fetch the information we need: your name and your e-mail address. We are not interested by your private details
  • you can still choose another name before you create your avatar. This will also be the name displayed on the website
  • you can, and you must choose a password to use when you log into the grid

What it doesn’t do:

  • for now, there is no method to use your external account for authenticating into the grid

We intensively tested Facebook and twitter connection and made basic testing for other providers. Your feedback is welcome.

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