Edit 24/09/2016: this page is deprecated, Speculoos in-world money is now Gloebit.

The region Banque Nationale hosts a Virwox terminal from which you can register to buy in-world money. And all regions are updated, so that money can be used grid-wide.

We began to need a real currency in-world, so we tested a couple of solutions. We ended up choosing Virwox as lot of grids do.

  • In the context of small, hypergrid-allowed grids, we came to the conclusion that it is crucial that users can use their money outside of our single small world. It is also important for us that money is backed by a specialized company, that has the power and resources to maintain security on their system.
  • OpenSIm and viewers do include payment processes, it is important to us that a money system is integrated with this standard.

Virwox meets these requirements. It is already used in lot of grids already, and thus allows the use of the same wallet between them. Moreover, it allows exchanges between a couple of money systems, including Second Live Lindens and OMC. It is the more flexible and serious solution we found in the market.

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