OpenSim itself is beta software, and it’s setup relies on third-party modules which are sometimes alpha or even in devel state. In these conditions, one would lie if pretending to guarantee a minimum level of availability, of performance or give a SLA. So we won’t lie, we guarantee we do our best and we have the knowledge to face most possible issues.


  • In-world search (v1 viewers)
  • Free directory registration (the 30/week fee shown is a viewer limitation, there is no fee)
  • Multi-search engines registration (unique feature!): in-world search registration of your parcel also registers it in a variety of well known opensim web search engines
  • Profiles
  • Groups
  • Off-line messages
  • Off-line messages mail forwarding (unique feature!): activate in viewer preferences
  • NPC scripting

Server specifications

  • Latest stable OpenSim version (
  • Dedicated servers in secured datacenter
  • Maintained by professionals in hosting, development, internet and IT management
  • Monitoring 24/7

We are also working on…

  • In-world currency (beta, not linked to RL money)
  • Web ticketing support interface
  • Web search engine: the idea is not to make yet another search engine. Rather to port our in-world engine to the web, and allow to extend results with external content
  • V3 in-world search: current state of v3 viewers do not allow to override the search url, but we have dirty work arounds to suggest, if you want
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