Speculoos releases a handful of scripts and helpers for OpenSimulator

We took some time to put together some useful tools we developed or modified to fit our grid needs. You can have a look at https://speculoos.world/en/goodies for more info.

Universal Translator, multi-user, intelligent, working (!), and using Yandex

There are always issues with translators. The most noticeable one is... Most don't work anymore (after Google changed it's API policy). And the working ones use an API key often stop working when too much people use them together.

So I took an old beautiful project HG Universal Translator by Frank Ramos, which seems to be abandoned (last version is not working and is 4 years old, even the version sold for 1 L$ on SL markedplace is announced as not working) and made necessary changes to make it work.

Some useful inworld scripts

Part of the Opensim Debian installation framework


This subfolder of the git repository contains a few useful scripts. Some are modified versions of existing scripts, some are in house creations.

Opensim debian installation framework

This is an framework to facilitate installation and use of OpenSim with Debian.


Flexible helper scripts for a better integration in hypergrid environment.

An addition to NSL helpers scripts collection to allow better integration in hypergrid environment.


For now, it allows
- integration of two currency modules, DTL/NSL and Gloebit. The structure should allow to add more.
- per domain configuration

The next step (working on it these days):
- intelligent detection of the currently visited grid, to adapt helpers as much as possible to the foreign grid

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