In-world message forwarded to mail

We have set up mail forwarding of offline messages sent to users of Speculoos grid. Check your mail address in the web profile page (« Edit » tab); Check the option « Send IM to mail » in your viewer preferences (could be in « Chat » or in « Communication » tab). The...

« in-world time » does not exist. Update: it will, eventually

[Update] We worked on a fix, with the help of Justin to make it as suitable as it could for everybody (git cccef2e). This is a first step: allowing a real unified time. Next step: allowing a real custom time. But that is another story.
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Draft proposal for a blacklist service – Appeal for a meeting

In the whole internet OpenSim is not exempt to hackers and griefers. As a young technology, it’s even more exposed.

We have some tools included in the server and the viewer to protect our grids against them. However, to achieve an efficient protection, it would be good to have a centralized service, like the ones existing for smap control, for example.

We feel there is a need to combine our efforts, between grid owners, as wel as server and viewer developers, to set up an efficient solution, which could be easily adopted by standalone or grid maintainer.

L’état de l’Union sur OpenSim (RT @MariaKorolov)

Speculoos est maintenant dans le top 10 des grilles les plus actives. Waouh! Mais ce n’est pas le sujet principal de l’article de Maria Korolov. Voici une sorte d' »Etat de l’Union », une analyse intéressante, pas seulement sur l’évolution du...