2DO: HYPEvents reloaded

2DO: HYPEvents reloaded

2DO is a new fork of late HYPEvents project. It brings together the events of several grids and spread the calendar in-world via a TP board or on the web. So it comes in two flavors: a teleporter board, featuring the ongoing and near future events in-world (and...

Plugin WordPress pour OpenSimulator

Le plugin WordPress Interface for OpenSimulator (w4os) permet de connecter un site Web WordPress à une grille OpenSimulator ou à un serveur standalone. C’est un projet de départ, pour l’instant, il permet juste d’afficher des informations et l’état de la grille sur...

Transition to new website, registration disabled

We are rethinking the website totally (simplifying a lot actually). In the meantime (and I don’t want to be mean but it could be a long time) the registration via the website is suspended. If you need a new account, you can contact me. Update: registration is...
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