During our spare time, we are working on some foolish projects.

Most projects are posted on


Offline messages mail forwarding.
Enable the core viewer "Email me IMs when I'm offline". option.
Opensim Debian installation framework
A framework to facilitate installation and maintenance on Debian. It contains also some useful inworld scripts

2016, old times

Universal Translator, multi-user, intelligent, working (!), and using Yandex
No more "maximum allowed requests"... And it's working.
Flexible helper scripts for better hypergrid integration
An addition to NSL helpers scripts collection to allow better integration in hypergrid environment.
Multi-sites hypergrid search registration
Why would we have to choose only one search engine? Like the websites are searchable on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc... we can now register our regions in several search engines like metaverseink or hyperica, all this managed by the standard registration functionality.
"Grand Place"
As welcome area, we chose to reproduce Brussels' Grand Place. Not only is this place really beautiful, but it is also a symbol for us, as a beautiful spot to meet people coming from everywhere. Of course, the combination of Gothic, Baroque and Louis XIV styles doesn't make things easy, and we could make some time to achieve this work. However, you can already have a sneak preview.
Experimenting de-centralized grid
OpenSim is supposed to be working with de-centralized server, that's the goal of a grid, right? So, theorically, I should be able to run a region in a grid, while using another grid's authentication server. And inventory and assets servers.
Avatar as OpenID key
There is a lot of discussions about using or not OpenID or OAuth to login to opensim servers. But what about the inverse process? We worked out a in-house solution, using a web server with access to OpenSim’s MySQL database… More after the break. We still think the way to go would be to debug and enhance the core module of OpenSim, so suggestions are still welcome.
OpenSim Core functions
We are working on OpenSim core scripting API to add some exciting functions to in-world scripting. This is devel work, may and may not be include in devel branch, and may or may not be included in the next release.
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