What is it?

Speculoos.net is the Belgian “metavers”. Create your avatar (free) and evolve in a virtual 3D world. Based on Open Simulator (the open source branch derived from Second Life) and a lot of sleepless nights.

What is a “metavers”?

It is a virtual 3D universe, in which you create an avatar to move around, meet other people or visit realistic or unreal worlds. Our servers use OpenSim, the open source branch derived from “Second Life”.

What is “Belgian style”?

Everyone will have their own definition of course, and there is probably not one better than another. Ours is that we do things seriously, but without taking ourselves too seriously. As a small country in the middle of many big ones, we are used to looking at others, welcoming visitors and regularly going to discover their wealth. That’s why you’ll find on Speculoos links to other grids, places we found interesting (or not), gateways that will lead you to dozens of places we ourselves haven’t had the time to visit yet…

Why Speculoos?

For us, the most fantastic innovation of OpenSIm is the “Hypergrid” navigation. This means that you are not “stuck” in your world, you can navigate from one world to another, without having to open accounts everywhere. Speculoos wants to take full advantage of the hypegrid by creating an open world to all other grids. And we have chosen the Grand Place in Brussels as our host because it is a small country in the middle of Europe, where you can meet people of all origins. This is not just about Belgium. It is all about virtual worlds, in the middle of the whole real world