What is this ?

A metaverse is a 3D virtual environment, where you can create an avatar, meet other people, visit places. Realistic or phantasmagoric. Our servers use OpenSimulator technology, the open source 3D project inspired by Second Life.

What does “A la belge” mean?

It means we are serious about making things work, but without being a prig. We are working hard to build this world, make the servers work and invent lot of funny things, so we don’t take too much time on the website. This is why not all the pages are translated in every language. Be kind, try to find the info you need and to understand it if it’s not in your mothetongue, and if you want to help with that, you’re welcome.

Why Speculoos?

For us, the most impressive thing in OpenSim version of “Second Life” is hyper grid. Now, you can travel from one world to another, no matter where you opened your account. A little bit like if you could talk to a Yahoo buddy from your MSN account. Oh yes, you can, now! Now, it is possible, and it works quite well. We are building a grid where we want to make a full use of these advantages. And the landing point of this Brussels’ Grand Place, in Belgium, because it is a small place in the middle of Europe, with contacts with lot of countries, lot of people coming from every side of the world. This is not just about Belgium. It’s about all 3D worlds, and about the whole real life world.