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The grid is down for maintenance. Operations should resume in a couple of hours.


“Speculoos” is the original name of a traditional Belgian cookie (mostly known as “Biscoff” in English, for whatever reason)… But enough historical blah blah. Speculoos World is an OpenSimulator 3D virtual world. You can meet people in a 3D environment, build objects, landscapes and buildings, hang out…


Speculoos World is based on OpenSimulator, an open-source 3D virtual environment server.

Get in virtual world

To enter our virtual world, visit our access page to create your avatar and get connection instructions.


I run this grid for my very own pleasure of seeing what creative people can do if they got a place to do it. That’s why there is usually free land available. And also why there are some rules to follow. Full regions are available by request (and under conditions).

This website was initially supposed to be translated at least in French, Dutch, and English. However, this is a small grid, maintained by… me. So don’t blame me if most of the content is only in English. It’s not my language (so don’t blame me for mistakes either), but it suits most visitors.

Ukraine: it’s complicated… even in the metaverse

Ukraine: it’s complicated… even in the metaverse

In its latest monthly collection of figures, Hypergrid Business, the only site relaying the latest activities of OpenSimulator and the metaverse it represents, sneaks in the middle of a series of statistics an "official" statement from Caprica grid about the current...

w4os 2.3 released on WP directory

The WordPress Interface for OpenSimulator version 2.3 has been released on WordPress plugins directory. Be sure to update and enjoy a lot of new features: new search helpernew offline messages helper. Messages are stored in OfflineMessageModule V2 format, so one can...

w4os presentation at OSCC21

AvaCon reposted the OSCC21 speech for w4os Web Interface for OpenSimulator presentation on their YouTube channel. Meanwhile, the plugin has acquired a lot of new features, available now in dev, and soon in the next stable release. (Original post on W4OS - Read More)

Help to translate w4os

Currently, w4os is available in English, French, Dutch and German, although some current localization may be fuzzy. You can help to get better translations, or other languages, on (Initial post on W4OS - Read...

Happy Birthday Cymru Fach

Happy Birthday Cymru Fach

Speculoos World grid turned 10 in September last year, but didn't we didn't celebrate... Because the real important date is the birth of our most creative member, and the amazing place she created "Cymru Fach", a very cute Welsh village, where we still love to wander...

w4os 2.2.10 new stable release

The w4os plugin has been updated on WordPress directory to 2.2.10. This is w4os new stable release, including improvements introduced in dev since 2.1, notably a web assets server, grid and WordPress users sync, public avatar profile, grid based authentication and...

w4os 2.2.7 update

w4os has been updated to 2.2.7 added config instructions for new grid usersshow a link to profile page instead of the form in profile shortcoderemoved W4OS Grid Info and W4OS Grid Status widgets (already available as blocks) 2.2.6 also included: added Born and Last...

Scrup: scripts auto-updates

"Scrup" stands for (a delicious) Script Update... An update ecosystem to allow OpenSimulator scripts to self-update. Composed of 3 parts: a portion of code to include in your script, a script to put in an update server object, and a web server part allowing both of...

w4os 2.2.5 update

Version 2.2.5 is available, it looks quite stable and has a bunch of enhancement and, mostly, a bunch of fixes since the last announcement. We are approaching the official release in WordPress plugin directory. added Wants, Skills, Partner and RL info to web...