OpenSim core functions

We are working on OpenSim core scripting API to add some exciting functions to in-world scripting. This is devel work, may and may not be include in devel branch, and may or may not be included in the next release. osGetInventoryLandmarkParams: read more parameters...

Why we (also) use dedicated servers

Snoopy Pfeffer gives an excellent explanation on why one should not use virtual servers or cloud to host OpenSim. We thought about it before setting up our gird, and came exactly to the same conclusion. She just gives a really good explanation on this....

Back to life

We had a DNS issue. We fixed it, but it could take some time to propagate. If you still can’t connect, restarting your computer or flushing DNS cache may help. Otherwise, the DNS update should not take longer than one hour.

Servers are down

Our Opensim servers are down. OSGrid failure, yesterday, made me think “Luckily, it’s not me”. Well, today, it’s me. We are investigating and try to put it online as soon as possible

Referenced on (thanks Maria)

Our regions Grand Place and Agora are now referenced on

And it was really funny for me to discover that the first noticed place was Agora (, because of the NPC outfit vendors we made. I admit I love playing with NPC, and the outfit vendors are just an example, the dancing avatar in the middle of Grand Place is another one I am proud of.