Fixed a bug in website grid statistics

[Update] We now also include both local and HG visitors in our grid info. We found a bug in the module we use to display grid statistics. This produced arbitrary count for « Online last month » section. We fixed it and stats now display accurate numbers. Bug was reported to the module creator too:

Nouveau serveur ? Il est temps de célébrer! (parcelles gratuites et nouvelle zone Sci-Fi)

Notre nouveau serveur est en place et fonctionne très bien. Nous avons testé plusieurs configurations et des cas d’utilisation au cours des 6 derniers mois et maintenant nous sommes heureux d’avoir pu établir nos normes pour fournir des services OpenSim rapides et fiables.

Maintenant, c’est le moment de célébrer! Avant d’envisager une approche commerciale (et faire des calculs ennuyeux pour notre future phase de production), nous voulons offrir quelques terrains de plus, pour permettre à de merveilleux créateurs de s’installer ici et nous surprendre avec leurs réalisations.

New 8 core i7 server. This rocks!

[Update] Regions have been moved succesfully. We have been quiet last days, we must tell you why: we were waiting for our new server. Now it is up and running: an 8 core i7 backed with 24GB RAM and 2TB HD, all this in a cutting-edge datacenter, on an outstanding internet backbone. This will rock!…

In-world message forwarded to mail

We have set up mail forwarding of offline messages sent to users of Speculoos grid. Check your mail address in the web profile page (« Edit » tab); Check the option « Send IM to mail » in your viewer preferences (could be in « Chat » or in « Communication » tab). The option is enabled by default. Voilà! The messages you…

Draft proposal for a blacklist service – Appeal for a meeting

In the whole internet OpenSim is not exempt to hackers and griefers. As a young technology, it’s even more exposed.

We have some tools included in the server and the viewer to protect our grids against them. However, to achieve an efficient protection, it would be good to have a centralized service, like the ones existing for smap control, for example.

We feel there is a need to combine our efforts, between grid owners, as wel as server and viewer developers, to set up an efficient solution, which could be easily adopted by standalone or grid maintainer.