Act of (grid) God

Act of (grid) God

We neglected our world recently. We didn't care and thought it would just go on, but who knows what happens when you don't care? So we came back to discover it had been destroyed: hurricanes devastated our beautiful Grand Place, water flooded our buildings,...
Back to the future. Bugs may occur.

Back to the future. Bugs may occur.

We are working hard to bring the grid online again. It basically works, but we still have some inventory and NPCs issues after 0.9 upgrade. Working on it, any help would be appreciated. And some money would help too.

Let’s take the .world

Our domain name is now Speculoos users should refresh grid URLs in viewer settings (grid manager) to have the best in-world experience.


After long holidays Speculoos is back. For now, it is a light version of us. Our welcome area, Grand Place now hosts the small freebie market and some gadgets to enjoy meeting. Cymru Fach, the awesome welsh region made by Susannah Avonside, is also waiting for your...

Speculoos closed on October 27 2015

  After 5 years of virtual presence, Speculoos grid will shut down, and so will website and domain We will keep a basic web presence on For any request (except to keep the grid on): see the contact page >...
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