You can now use your avatar to login to any website supporting OpenID.

How does it work? In an OpenID-enabled website, choose OpenID as authentication and type your openid url:
(Note the underscore between first and last name)

You will be redirected to login page to enter your full name and password. Once authenticated, you’ll be redirected back to the website you just registered.

Where can I use it?

There are lots of website allowing OpenID currently. You can find more information on

Why should I use it?

It’s up to you. Most of the sites offering OpenID also allow to create an account. But it’s getting boring to create an account on every web application we use. Using your avatar OpenID, you could for example use the same account for every website related to your virtual life.

Can I use another grid avatar?

Not every grid. The openid library used needs direct access to OpenSim server, so it has to be implemented in the same infrastructure. We will release the source code soon to allow other providers to use it.

However, some grids have already OpenID solutions. If this is the case, you can use their openid url to log into our site, as everywhere.

Can I use an OpenID to log in-world?

Not at this time. And we while it is an interesting concept, we have no plan to integrate this feature in our software. Our focus is to allow “OpenSim avatar to OpenID” authentication. The other direction would imply changes in OpenSim servers as well as in viewers.

I am a techie, tell me more

Will are writing documentation, more technical description of the project, and code release, to allow others to use or contribute. Stay tuned!

I found a bug

Tell me why I am not surprised. We worked hard to deliver this solution quickly. Now it’s time for a bigger test… Please use our support page to report any bug.