The last update of 2do Server mainly fixes a time conversion issue (caused by an outdated external library). I told you: it is literally about time.

Grids and Simulators using as their search engine do not need to update and will benefit from the changes immediately. The update does not affect the 2do Board.

Grid owner implementing their own search engine with 2do-server or w4os WordPress Interface for OpenSimulator should update immediately.

Here is the list of 1.2.3 updates:

  • fixed the time displayed on the events web page
  • (via w4os or Flexible Helpers Scripts) fixed the time displayed on in-world search results
  • shows PST/PDT by default time on 2do events web page (for web scrappers, text clients and clients without JavaScript)
  • fixed poorly formatted location URLs

2do HYPEvents is an hypergrid events calendar, parsing events from one or several sources and making them available for in-world search (by using global or their own search engine), on a web page (with the integrated web calendar), with any calendar application (via iCal share link) or on a teleport board (see below). is public, hypergrid, in-world search engine, providing not only events, but also places, land sales and classifieds of all connected grids. It is available for any grid for free, with a simple config setup. Grids can request to include their calendar by sending a mail to

2do Board is an in-world calendar teleport board object, available on hop HGv3 HG.

w4os is a WordPress Interface for OpenSimulator plugin, providing grid management, user registration and a search engine implementing 2do HYPEvents. It is available for free on WordPress plugins directory.