New set of tools

We released some of our installation tools on

It is far from complete, but we kinda paused development on this for now.

Old set of tools

These are quite dated, but still available on

Except a few shared files (preferences files and a couple of functions), most project are independent, so you can choose to use only the ones you need.


cacheusers a table including hyper grid visitors data, used for statitstics, and a script to update this table with info parsed from log files Published
gridinfo.php a simple stats box to put on your website, displaying usual infos, plus an unique feature, the total count of active users (local + hype grid), which is becoming more and more relevant with the expansion of hypergrid travelers (needs the cacheusers table and scripts) Published
opensim-build A batch process to rebuild OpenSim from fresh sources, including chosen third-party modules no ETA
opensim-deploy Little brother of opensim-build, deploys the new build locally or remote, keeping each simulator parameters no ETA

We need to adjust our local codes to make it publicly usable. So be patient, we may take some time before feeding the repository.