This is an framework to facilitate installation and use of OpenSim with Debian.

It is a complete rewrite of my previous set of tools, still available on github but outdated. In a software application, particularly a complicated one like OpenSim, some elements should never be stored at the same place. Essentially, there is a place for static files (executables, libraries), another place for preferences, and another place for data created by the application (permanent or temporary).

This way, you can

  • easily update the software without touching preferences and data
  • backup data without duplicating the huge software in each backup
  • share a single copy of the application, avoid duplicating it if you need to run several instances…

Opensim-debian uses linux-style folders:

  • etc/ (preferences),
  • var/ (for application-created data, var/cache/ for volatile data, var/data/ for permanent data)
  • bin/ and lib/ for opensim-debian specific utilities
  • core/ for the OpenSimulator distribution (which is stored unmodified and should not be altered)

A fully functional backup would only to contain the etc/, var/data, and the mysql database.