We are testing preconfigured viewer. We would greatly appreciate anyone taking 5 minutes to test it. Particularly users who have no account yet on Speculoos grid.

No need to create an account, you can use the test account created for this purpose (of course you can also create an account if you feel so).

  • Firstname: Test
  • Last name: User
  • Password: test

The viewer to test is downloadable from http://www.speculoos.world/en/access

Scope of the test:

  • Check if “speculoos” appears in the grid list and is selected by default
  • Check if connection works without need to edit any grid parameters
  • Check if Imprudence behaves as usually expected

This is a customized version of Imprudence 1.3.2, as provided by online-3d-client-customizer (plus some fixes of known bugs for the Mac version).

Please give your feedback (and specify if testing on Linux, Mac or Windows) as comment on this page. If you really don’t want (or can’t), mail to gudule@speculoos.world.

Thanks to all in advance!