Here is a list of the griefers we discovered in our or other grids. You may use it to update your ban list.

Fleep Tuque has made a clear turorial on how to remove self-duplicating prims the griefer may have built in your sim.

UUID User name First seen
ebcd7168-c7b6-457c-a6fe-77f9dd5367ef Jack Marioline 26.02.2013
5572077b-72df-49c3-a405-003f5b7589a9 Jack Marioline 05.03.2013
964062ad-b798-462a-9cd4-64799178f616 Jack Marioline 21.05.2013
7bbd86c0-840f-4fda-a2dc-a0c7b9924208 Jack Marioline 10.07.2013