Modular currency helper scripts compatible with Gloebit and DTL/NSL MoneyServer

The main issue with the helper scripts is that the address is provided once by the grid, and is used in every case, whatever region the avatar is visiting and the system it uses. So when we wanted to integrate the new Gloebit currency, we decided to do it in a modular way. The goal is to end up with generic helpers capable to adjust themselves depending on the current region.

So we started with the DTL/NSL release as a base, because is very complete and quite recent.
And we added some code to enable the Gloebit currency, but it can be enabled or disabled.

Current compatibility

    • Gloebit
    • DTL/NSL MoneyServer module
    • Fake money (for those just wanting to allow buying land for zero

Current Gloebit features:

      • Get a real quote when clicking on the balance
      • Automatically adjusts to the closest allowed amount (Gloebit uses price packages)
      • Purchasing currency to Gloebit website
      • Includes the needed code to get the user balance updated immediately (but this needs additional development on Gloebit side)
      • Work in progress: intelligent detection of the current region money module and adaptation of the behaviour accordingly.

Gloebit is just a piece of the project. The goal is to have a set of scripts, suitable for most currency modules and adapting to the region the user is visiting. Eventually, it will allow:

      • Consistent messages when travelling to grid using other modues
      • Buying land in other grids (yes, that’s tricky, maybe it won’t happen
      • Globally better HG integration in helper scripts

It is installable in two methods:

      • Simple replacement of the currency.php script on existing installations
      • Full helper scripts collection installation

Design is modular, so integration of other currencies should be easy.

Oh, and, yes, it’s open source and the code is here:
Please share your modifications!