Gudz Teleport Board 2

Gudz Teleport Board 2 A new, completely rewritten hypergrid Teleport Board, with cleaner code and new features. Can use a web-served destinations list, so it can be updated easily on multiple boards. See it in action on Speculoos Grid. Get the latest version in-world:...
2do HYPEvents

2do HYPEvents

2do HYPEvents 2DO is a new fork of late HYPEvents project. It brings together the events of several grids and spread the calendar in-world via a TP board or on the web. So it comes in two flavors: a teleporter board, featuring the ongoing and near future events...

W4OS – OpenSimulator WordPress Interface

W4OS – OpenSimulator WordPress Interface W4OS stands for “WordPress for OpenSimulator”, the missing OpenSimulator web interface for the most popular CMS. It is a ready to use WordPress interface for OpenSimulator grids. Provides user registration,...
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