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Speculoos servers migration

We're in the process of moving Speculoos World grid, sims, and website to new servers. As a result, you may experience some temporary service interruptions. Don't worry, though! We're working hard to keep them as brief as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience...
Server maintenance


“Speculoos” is the original name of a traditional Belgian cookie… But enough of historical considerations. Speculoos World is an OpenSimulator 3D virtual world. You can meet people in a 3D environment, build objects, landscapes and buildings, hang out…


Speculoos World is based on OpenSimulator, an open-source 3D virtual environment server.

Enter the virtual world

To enter our virtual world, visit our login page to create your avatar and get login instructions.


I run this grid for my own pleasure to see what creatives can do if they have a place to do it. That’s why there is usually land available for free. And also why there are some rules to follow. The complete regions are available upon request (and under conditions).

This site was initially supposed to be translated into at least French, Dutch and English. However, it is a small grid, maintained by … me. So don’t blame me if most of the content is only in English. It’s not my native language (so don’t blame me for the mistakes either), but it’s the one that works best for most visitors.

HG Safari came to visit Cymru Fach region in Speculoos World

HG Safari came to visit Cymru Fach region in Speculoos World

On February 1st, HG Safari tour came to visit the amazing Welsh styled village created by Susannah Avonside. It is a lovely place, if you missed the event, you still can visit it hop:// . ... or get in the mood by reading the article on...

Gudule’s speech on latest w4os updates at OSCC22 (video)

The full Saturday session of OpenSimulator Community Conference 2022 is available on YouTube. Our presentation of the latest updates on w4os WordPress plugin begins at 3:35:51. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to be invited and attend this annual gathering. The text...

w4os 2.3.6

There were a couple of bug fixes and enhancement to w4os Web Interface for OpenSumulator since last announcement. Get the latest version to receive the corrections. tested up to 6.0.1added password reset link to profile pagefix profile picture aspect ratio to 4/3 as...

The eternal quest for attention of the apprentice coder

The eternal quest for attention of the apprentice coder

To facilitate the intervention in case of a griefing attack on OpenSimulator, we have created a script that, based on a user’s name, generates the necessary code to delete his account, ban his alternative avatars and delete all their objects. This script is destructive and cannot be undone, it is essential to make a backup of the database and check the generated SQL code before executing it.

Passwords are synchronized correctly… now.

Passwords are synchronized correctly… now.

When a user uses the "forgot password" link to reset their password, the change is now applied to the avatar as well. When a user changes his password on the website, it is supposed to be updated on the grid for the corresponding avatar as well. This is what happens...

w4os 2.3 released on WP directory

The WordPress Interface for OpenSimulator version 2.3 has been released on WordPress plugins directory. Be sure to update and enjoy a lot of new features: new search helpernew offline messages helper. Messages are stored in OfflineMessageModule V2 format, so one can...