Part of the Opensim Debian installation framework

This subfolder of the git repository contains a few useful scripts. Some are modified versions of existing scripts, some are in house creations.

Archive Box: A simple archive script. Drop it in a prim, then drop objects to archive. The prim will display (on its faces) the name of the first item dropped. And the box becomes an object giver: if you click, it gives you it’s content, except the archive script, in a properly named folder.

Linkset resizer A bug fix on existing Linkset resize (aka resize_script) found in lot of clothing attachment, it should avoid the object being broken if the resize is made while the object is worn.

HYPEvents Some additions to HYPEvents inworld script, to allow a better presentation (different styles for hour and event title, column alignment…). These changes were included by the author in the official release so you should rather check HYPEvents online ( or in-world ( for the latest version.

Gudule’s HG Board This is a fusion between our original “Gudule’s gate” and Jeff Kelley’s HG Board, allowing better presentation, transparent backgrounds and a few other minor changes.

Gudule’s gate Legacy teleport gate script, used in parallel with fetchTexture scripts to display the gate name on the prim instead of ugly hovering text. Deprecated by HG Board.

fetchTextureFromTextGen Original texture maker, deprecated by fetchTextureWithOsDraw

fetchTextureWithOsDraw Texture maker, takes a title (from object description or send by other scripts) and applies it as a texture, using an external text generation library (like its predecessor) or using osDraw functions.

OpenSimulator version display Just display OS version. The script existed already but I wanted to get rid of extra space between version number and platform.

comboReadPrefs A helper script to read a preference notecard and send values to other scripts via linked message.