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Passwords are synchronized correctly… now.

When a user uses the "forgot password" link to reset their password, the change is now applied to the avatar as well. When a user changes his password on the website, it is supposed to be updated on the grid for the corresponding avatar as well. This is what happens...


“Speculoos” is the original name of a traditional Belgian cookie (mostly known as “Biscoff” in English, for whatever reason)… But enough historical blah blah. Speculoos World is an OpenSimulator 3D virtual world. You can meet people in a 3D environment, build objects, landscapes and buildings, hang out…


Speculoos World is based on OpenSimulator, an open-source 3D virtual environment server.

Get in virtual world

To enter our virtual world, visit our access page to create your avatar and get connection instructions.


I run this grid for my very own pleasure of seeing what creative people can do if they got a place to do it. That’s why there is usually free land available. And also why there are some rules to follow. Full regions are available by request (and under conditions).

This website was initially supposed to be translated at least in French, Dutch, and English. However, this is a small grid, maintained by… me. So don’t blame me if most of the content is only in English. It’s not my language (so don’t blame me for mistakes either), but it suits most visitors.

Act of (grid) God

Act of (grid) God

We neglected our world recently. We didn't care and thought it would just go on, but who knows what happens when you don't care? So we came back to discover it had been destroyed: hurricanes devastated our beautiful Grand Place, water flooded our buildings,...

Offline messages mail forwarding.

Honor the viewer option “Email me IMs when I’m offline”. Useful with OpenSimulator 0.7 and 0.8. Works also with 0.9 but I am not sure if this functionality is now handled or not by OpenSimulator 0.9 core modules....

Back to the future. Bugs may occur.

Back to the future. Bugs may occur.

We are working hard to bring the grid online again. It basically works, but we still have some inventory and NPCs issues after 0.9 upgrade. Working on it, any help would be appreciated. And some money would help too.

Some useful inworld scripts

Part of the Opensim Debian installation framework This subfolder of the git repository contains a few useful scripts. Some are modified versions of existing scripts, some are in house creations....

Opensim debian installation framework

This is an framework to facilitate installation and use of OpenSim with Debian. It is a complete rewrite of my previous set of tools, still available on github but outdated. In a software application, particularly a...

Let’s take the .world

Our domain name is now Speculoos users should refresh grid URLs in viewer settings (grid manager) to have the best in-world experience.