Parcel / Region hosting

We propose free (for non-profit user) and commercial hosting offers (starting at 8€/month) for your regions. Take care of your buildings and your region development, we take care of the server-side. While we are stil working on a web-based order form, you can already contact us in-world or by mail for any request.

Non profit parcel FREE
  • Limited availability, check out website and in-world for current available parcels
  • No commercial use (nor selling, nor promotion)
  • Maximum one parcel per person
  • Parcels are usually subject to some restrictions (theme, landscape…)
Basic simulator

  • 1 region
  • 5000 prims
8 €
  • Dedicated simulator with god rights
  • Latest stable release
  • Resources use and availability monitored 24/7
  • Regular backups
  • Failover server
  • Allowed prims counted simulator-wide

All our simulators run on high end dedicated servers, in high-end data centers, scaled to ensure the best answer time and avoid any overload.

Additional regions +1 €
Additional prims +2 €
/5000 prims/month
/5000 prims/month
Hosting on other grids Available Our standard offer includes your presence on Speculoos grid. We can also provide alternative hosting for other grids or standalone. Please contact us for specific requests.

Payment by Paypal or credit card.