Creating an avatar is now possible with the WordPress interface for OpenSimulator (w4os) A shortcode allows you to insert the registration form on a page of your choice. If the user already has an avatar, the code displays a minimal profile (avatar’s first name, last name and UUID). For sites using WooCommerce, an additional “Avatar” section appears on the “My Account” page (as in the illustration above).

It’s basic, but it’s a work in progress, and it’s an important step in the development of this plugin. There is still a long way to go for a complete web interface, but we’re moving forward!

The Access/Registration page of the Speculoos World website has been updated to take advantage of this feature.

WordPress interface for OpenSimulator (w4os) is an open source web interface project for OpenSimulator developed by Speculoos World. It allows:

Connecting to the ROBUST server or a standalone simulator by access to the database
Displaying news and grid stats

In WordPress admin dashboard
On any page, with shortcodes

Sync and display avatar data on user profile page
Automated updates, with GitHub Updater plugin
And now online avatar registration and a simplified profile display

Extension web page:

Download the latest version:

Speculoos World is a 3D virtual world, created in 2011, using OpenSimulator and hypergrid. Registration on Speculoos World is free and land is available for residents and users of other grids.

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