We neglected our world recently. We didn’t care and thought it would just go on, but who knows what happens when you don’t care? So we came back to discover it had been destroyed: hurricanes devastated our beautiful Grand Place, water flooded our buildings, the shops have been looted and there is not a lot left, a few bits let guess what the plaza used to look like.

It’s what is called an Act of God. Or was it an Act of “Gud“? Maybe. Gudule might have a dirty temper when she’s bored, and seeing the same landscape for more than 6 years is boring. But now she will show us where to look among the garbage: soon, this hill of sand will become a beach, these torrents of water will become a sea, and Brussels will be a place for sunbathing, hang out in a swimsuit, meet, chat, dance and listen to music under the sun.

What? Brussels under the sun? Ok, ok, this is fiction, we talk about a virtual world (although this could happen for real, if we don’t care). In the meantime, let’s presume a happy end (or happy new start), and imagine the new Speculoos.world.

Speculoos grid was created on September 9, 2011 and was initially targeting the Belgian community. However it attracted people from all over the world and aims to be a welcome place for creators. Since the beginning we offered free regions and it allowed us to host the beautiful “Cymru Fach” Welsh village of Susannah Avonside (which wasn’t affected by Gud’s hurricane!).

  • New free regions are temporarily suspended as we recover and fix bugs (not from an act of God, but from a tedious 0.7 > 0.8 > 0.9 upgrade process)
  • Previously inactive free regions were disabled but not deleted. Owners wanting to take an active part in the new Speculoos era can contact us to re-enable them.
  • Free parcels are available in Residences, with a “touch to renew” rental system to avoid dead zones
  • We will soon start buildings roads and areas around Grand Place for residences, shops and hang outs.
  • Other future plans will be defined soon. Hopefully.